Trevor Davis

Business Description

Energize is a leading caffeinated gum company that specializes in delivering a quick and convenient energy boost to its customers. With a focus on quality ingredients and great taste, Energize offers a superior alternative to traditional energy drinks and coffee. Our products are designed to provide a fast and effective way to increase focus, concentration, and alertness, making it the perfect solution for busy professionals, students, and athletes alike. With a commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation, Energize is constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible with its unique gum formula, helping people stay energized and focused throughout their day.

Energize LLC

10008 National Blvd #141
Los Angeles, CA90034
Year Formed: 2022

Contact Information

Trevor Davis, Founder & CEO
(925) 212-5371

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None/Not Applicable

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Playing Career

Green Bay Packers (2016-2018)
Miami Dolphins (2019)
Oakland Raiders (2019)
Chicago Bears (2020)
Washington Football Team (2020)
Atlanta Falcons (2021)