Tommy Barnhardt

Business Description

We have a Suger-Free/ Gluten-Free Margarita MIx that has zero calories and is sweetened with a all natural sweetener that has no aftertaste. It's great for people that are diabetic, gastirc- by pass surgery, KETO, or people that want to have a reduced calorie cocktail while losing weight at the same time.

PureSweet Beverages

11344 Chestnut Hill Drive
Matthews, NC28105
Year Formed: 2020

Contact Information

Tommy Barnhardt, Founder
(800) 303-2646

01. Industry

Other: Food Beverage & Hospitality

02. Certification(s)

None/Not Applicable

03. Service Area



Playing Career

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1986)
Chicago Bears (1987)
New Orleans Saints (1987)
Chicago Bears (1988)
Washington Redskins (1988)
Detroit Lions (1989)
New Orleans Saints (1989)
Washington Redskins (1989)
New Orleans Saints (1990-1994)
Carolina Panthers (1995)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1996-1997)
New Orleans Saints (1999)
Washington Redskins (2000)