Sammy Davis

Business Description

Overview As an after-school, faith-based sports academy, our goal is to develop the athletic skills of boys and girls in the Tomball area through our training programs focused on speed, agility, strength and conditioning. Mission Statement To show the effectiveness ofcombining faith with hard-work. Vision To see our community transformed byour program leaders. ? In partnership with Salem Lutheran School, the Tomball Sports Academy’s inaugural programming will be three-months of advanced training focused on speed, agility, strength and conditioning. ? Our goal is to build strength through use of resistant bands and dumbbells, while improving speed and agility through the use of speed ladders and other skill specific drills. ? Each athlete will begin their program with timed baseline drills. At the April program conclusion, athletes will “test out” to record their improvement. ? All workouts begin and end with a prayer led by an Athlete.

Tomball Sports Academy

Cypress, TX77429

Year Formed: 2020

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Sammy Davis, Owner-General Manager
(832) 766-8192

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Other: Sports Athletics & Youth

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None/Not Applicable

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Playing Career

San Diego Chargers (2003-2004)
San Francisco 49ers (2006)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2007-2008)