Tony Fiammetta

Business Description

The Magha Method Performance Academy harnesses knowledge from elite-level athletic competition, strength and conditioning, mobility, physical therapy, yoga asanas, and breath work. The physical training exercises that underpin the Magha Method rely on in-depth planning and program design to stimulate positive stress and produce favorable adaptations that do not cause harm to the body. We also provide recommendations for diet and recovery techniques to help rejuvenate and reinvigorate the mind and body. Our balanced program will aid in the attainment of elite athletic performance, basic physical health, and aesthetic beauty.

Magha Method Performance Academy

151 Cub Run
Hendersonville, NC28739
Year Formed: 2016

Contact Information

Tony Fiammetta, Owner, Head Conditioning Coach
(704) 998-8671

01. Industry

Health & Wellness

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None/Not Applicable

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Playing Career

Carolina Panthers (2009-2010)
Dallas Cowboys (2011)
New England Patriots (2012)
Chicago Bears (2013)
New England Patriots (2013)
Chicago Bears (2014)