Pierre Garcon

Business Description

Former NFL wide receiver, Pierre Garcon understands the importance of a speedy recovery, which is why he founded SpeedAid Compression. With many other compression items to come in the near future, Pierre created compression socks first. After having a knee injury, Pierre used compression socks to aid in his recovery but always felt the quality was lacking. Pierre strived for the highest quality material. SpeedAid compression socks are high-performance compression socks that help stimulate blood circulation and are made at the highest quality. At SpeedAid, we believe the better you move, the better you feel are a growing compression brand. Our first product is compression socks and we plan to expand with other products.SpeedAid compression socks are available on Amazon.com and also through our website Myspeedaidcompression.com.

SpeedAid Compression

170 NE 2nd St , Unit 82
Boca Raton, FL33429
Year Formed: 2020

Contact Information

Pierre Garcon, Owner
(561) 909-9730

01. Industry

Sports Athletics & Youth

02. Certification(s)

None/Not Applicable

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Playing Career

Indianapolis Colts (2008-2010)
Washington Redskins (2012)
San Francisco 49ers (2017-2018)