Lowell (Doug) English

Business Description

PowerDrive Training Products manufactures and distributes a patented training device known as the PowerDrive. It was developed by Doug English (Detroit Lions 1975-1985) and designed to teach and strengthen proper movement at the point of contact. The primary difference between The PowerDrive and virtually all other training devices is that it employs "rolling resistance." Most other training devices slide, and become easier to slide once in motion, allowing a migration to bad form and requiring constant correction. Rolling resistance requires the hands to work upwards, the hips to stay flexed and low, and the hands, hips, and feet to coordinate with each step in order to roll it. The effects are measurable, on video, withing 2 weeks.

PowerDrive Training Products, LLC

3736 Bee Caves Rd
Ste 1-221West Lake Hills, TX78746
Year Formed: 2012

Contact Information

Doug English, CEO
(512) 271-7693

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Sports Athletics & Youth

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None/Not Applicable

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Playing Career

Detroit Lions (1975-1985)