Leo Lewis

Business Description

Lewis Performance Partners , supports individuals, groups and organizations relevant to physical and mental factors in sport, exercise and business. It focuses on the development and understanding of cognitive, behavioral and affective skills in sport and non-sport environments.

Service Components;

Team and Individual Training seek to improve physical and mental skills for the pursuit of sport and exercise goals. Sessions could include on field activities and consultation.

Workshops introduce participants to basic performance enhancement concepts. Hourly and day-long workshops are available. Follow up training is recommended.

Event Management creates, manages, oversees and/or markets sport and physical activities for youth and adult development. Events include appearances, speaking events, banquets, camps, clinics.

Consultation benefits coaches, managers and other persons who want to achieve optimal performance levels. Applied focus targets specific problem areas and their resolution, while seeking new performance methods. Individual or group sessions are preferred.

Small Group and Family Sessions provide members with group support, and offers developmental perspectives of performance and relational concerns and achievement motivators. Topics may include relational and individual functioning and communication difficulties.

Lewis Performance Partners

Year Formed: 2003

Contact Information

Leo Lewis, President
(612) 382-7160

01. Industry

Other: Consulting & Finance

02. Certification(s)

None/Not Applicable

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Playing Career

Minnesota Vikings (1981-1989)
Cleveland Browns (1990)
Minnesota Vikings (1990-1991)