Kyle Rudolph

Business Description

At Alltroo, we get people to give a little good for a chance at winning something big. We’re talking dream-come-true, meet-your-sports-hero big. We offer awesome prizes and experiences to rally folks to one cause—and raise more cash for charities that make a real difference. The more we give together, the more good we make for the world. And if we all chip in and do our part, who knows how much we’ll change? Our mission is to increase charitable giving contributions by bringing new donors into the fold! We believe the way charitable fundraising is traditionally done is inefficient and needs to change. Charities rely on things like galas, auctions and in-person events to fundraise. The amount of money charities can raise with these outdated methods is limited by things like the highest price they can charge and the number of people who can attend. Fundraising is ready for change. When you choose to donate in connection with an Alltroo sweepstakes, you’re joining a movement. You join thousands of other people – just like you – donating a few bucks to support a great cause and a chance at winning something incredible. That’s how we Rally For Change and create unlimited fundraising potential for charity.


211 N 1st St
Suite 325Minneapolis, MN55401
Year Formed: 2021

Contact Information

Kyle Rudolph, Co-Founder
(612) 751-1678

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None/Not Applicable

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Playing Career

Minnesota Vikings (2011-2020)
New York Giants (2021)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2022)