Khairi Fortt

Business Description

I am an equal part owner of KAO Distribution LLC. Our product, called Eleven86 in Alabama, is an ultra-premium artesian water that bottles the water from an artesian aquifer deep below the surface. It is the ONLY bottled water that is naturally tested among the highest quality, most expensive brands available on the market and is found in the United States. Its purity and quality are certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA), exceeding the most expensive brands on the market but competing in price with the most affordable ones.
Currently, the water is available mainly in the Southern States surrounding Alabama and Texas. My distribution company will deliver to the Tri-State Connecticut area and the entire northeast with the desire to supply all fifty states. The process becomes repeatable and scalable when the correct systems and techniques are established.

KAO Distribution, LLC

375 Hope Street, Unit 1
Stamford, Co06906
Year Formed: 2020

Contact Information

Khairi Fortt, CEO
(203) 524-1278

01. Industry

Food & Beverages Trucking/Logistics

02. Certification(s)

Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)

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Playing Career

Cincinnati Bengals (2014)
Jacksonville Jaguars (2014)
New Orleans Saints (2014)
Seattle Seahawks (2016)
Washington Redskins (2016)