Kerry Porter

Business Description

In everyone’s life, they have either dreamed of flying or looked skyward, envying birds, unrestricted by gravity and confined to the earth as we are. As we imagine and gaze, our desire to fly inspires our goals, aspirations, and hopes. Soaring Heart Aviation, in partnership with Children’s Hospitals, shares the joyful, inspirational experience of soaring with everyone, especially children with health challenges. Your soaring adventure is enhanced by knowing you are contributing to sharing the same experience with children who ordinarily could not. Spread your wings with Soaring Heart Aviation to encounter and share the true meaning of freedom, providing courage and the hope-inspiring spirit of flight.

Soaring Heart Aviation

450 Eagle Ct.
Byron, CA94514
Year Formed: 2022

Contact Information

Kerry Porter, Founder/President/Pilot
(925) 518-4356

01. Industry

Medical Health & Wellness

02. Certification(s)

None/Not Applicable

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Playing Career

Buffalo Bills (1987)
Los Angeles Raiders (1989)
Denver Broncos (1990)
Los Angeles Raiders (1990)
Houston Oilers (1991)