James Wortham

Business Description

Mentalaires become millionaires and not millionaires become mentalaires.James Cornelius Wortham Enterprises LLC (JCW Enterprise) delivers Mental Wellness, Educational Consulting, Athletic Development, Executive Leadership Coaching, and Professional Development services to Educators, Corporations, and Organizations around the world.JCW Enterprise embodies and accept the many challenges in equipping our clients with the necessary tools to respond and adapt to personal and professional environmental changes, but simultaneously build mental wealth through our currency of mental coins that begins the building blocks toward “Adverse Resistant”. Our clients learn to operate functionally and productively while in the mist of adverse circumstances by initiating their own focus+drive+dedication=results formula.JCW Enterprise Method is Simple:STEP 1-------> DISCOVERSTEP 2-------> DECIDESTEP 3-------> DEVELOPSTEP 4-------> DEPLOY

James Cornelius Wortham Enterprise LLC (JCW Enterprise LLC)

1805 James Run Way
Indianapolis, IN46239
Year Formed: 2020

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Cornelius Wortham, CEO
(317) 445-9801

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None/Not Applicable

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Playing Career

Seattle Seahawks (2005)
New Orleans Saints (2006-2007)