Jake Plummer

Business Description

If there is anything we have learned as elite performers, it is that the most challenging field of all is the mind. Forget sprinting, sparring, or relentless goal setting it wasn't until we rebalanced our minds that we truly came alive on the field and in life. Functional mushrooms helped us attain that balance and continue to expand our vision for the future as we explore their immense possibilities.

UMBO Mushrooms

1312 17th St. #2218
Denver, CO80222
Year Formed: 2014

Contact Information

Jake Plummer, Co-Founder
(970) 380-1240

01. Industry

Restaurant Food & Beverage

02. Certification(s)

None/Not Applicable

03. Service Area



Playing Career

Arizona Cardinals (1997-2000)
Denver Broncos (2003-2006)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2007)