J.J. Birden

Business Description

Team X 88 Inc. is the parent company of professional speaker JJ Birden. Only a few guys can say they played nine years in the NFL at 5'10, 157 lbs. That is the power in JJ's message. He is a unique speaker who can speak from that perspective. He shares insights and valuable lessons from his remarkable journey as a small man in a big man's game, where he played alongside Hall-of-Famer Joe Montana.

JJ's presentations are engaging, entertaining, and empowering as he demonstrates how the mental skills and strategies that propelled him to the top of his game can help others succeed in business and life, no matter how unlikely or unexpected success may seem.

When you bring JJ in for your next company event, your audiences will leave his presentations with the tools and actionable steps to power through challenges so they're creating and maximizing opportunities. When you transform people, they transform a company!

Team X 88 Inc

28939 N 64th Dr
Phoenix, AZ85083
Year Formed: 2008

Contact Information

JJ Birden, Co-Owner/President
(480) 824-8318

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Business Services

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None/Not Applicable

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Playing Career

Cleveland Browns (1988-1989)
Kansas City Chiefs (1990-1994)
Atlanta Falcons (1995-1996)