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Why ElevenTwelve?
In homage to their days as American football players, Paolo, Davide, Vincenzo, and Giorgio chose their old jersey numbers to represent their brand.
Whether making tackles on dirt fields in Italy or kicking field goals in the NFL, playing American football has been an incredible experience.
In gratitude, they share the best Italian wine, pasta, sauces and spreads with you.

Our Story:
Giorgio Tavecchio travels back to Italy a few times a year to visit family and coach American Football camps. In 2018, he helped coach the 'Torino Is Bear Territory' Football Camp hosted by his alma-mater Cal, where he struck up a casual conversation with a curious on-looker, Paolo Tempo. This conversation led to a friendship rooted in a shared passion for American Football. From the roots of this friendship blossomed an idea; a desire to repay the United States for their unique journeys in American Football. "What do we have to offer?" the two asked themselves. They found their answer in the fertile majesty of their native soil: Italian food and wine.

In true team-spirit, Paolo brought on board Davide Merlo, his teammate from the glory days of American Football in Italy, adding over thirty years of wholesale grocery sector experience and the tenacity of a Defensive Lineman to the team. To round it out, Giorgio roped in Sicilian-born placekicker Vincenzo D'Amato, best friend and former college teammate to add a dash of Southern spice to this outfit.

Combining their experiences in American Football with their love for Italian cuisine, Davide, Paolo, Vincenzo, and Giorgio bring you the best that Italian food and wine has to offer.

Why you choose ElevenTwelve:
ElevenTwelve is more than four Italian-born football players importing the best Italian wine, pasta, and sauce to the United States.
ElevenTwelve is more than a brand that ensures the highest quality products and experience.
ElevenTwelve is a lifestyle celebrating the tradition and quality of Italian culture.
ElevenTwelve is Italy. Here.

We welcome you to join us on this journey!


925 N La Brea Ave, Fourth Floor
Los Angeles, CA90038
Year Formed: 2019

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Giorgio Tavecchio, Co-Founder and President
(213) 444-3997

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Food and Beverage

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Playing Career

San Francisco 49ers (2012)
Detroit Lions (2013)
Green Bay Packers (2013)
Oakland Raiders (2014-2017)
Atlanta Falcons (2018)
Oakland Raiders (2018)
Tennessee Titans (2020)