Evan Mathis

Business Description

CardSeer is the trading card industry’s tech company. Our top value propositions are
1. Allowing users to search all the other card marketplaces in one place for live and sold listings. CardSeer uses advanced AI empowered by crowdsourced gamification to identify marketplace listings by card. Users can follow cards and see listings of those cards in their CardSeer feed whenever they’re identified.
2. Collection & inventory management. Users can upload their entire collection in one click. CardSeer will identify everything and provide market pricing data. Users can bulk list their inventory on eBay without having to tediously type titles. CardSeer’s own advanced marketplace is estimated Q4 2023.
3. Robotics automation. We have developed a prototype for the fast graded card scanner in the industry. “Cardy See” can scan the front and back images of 40 cards per minute. This allows for the quick addition of bulk inventory for our enterprise users. Consumer level robotics R&D has started and new products are expected Q3 2024.


330 Franklin Rd
Ste 135A-124Brentwood, TN37027
Year Formed: 2020

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Evan Mathis, Founder & CEO
(205) 966-5115

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Carolina Panthers (2005-2008)
Cincinnati Bengals (2008)
Miami Dolphins (2008)
Cincinnati Bengals (2009-2010)
Philadelphia Eagles (2011-2014)
Denver Broncos (2015)
Arizona Cardinals (2016)