Evan Mathis

Business Description

Pink Door Cookies is a Nashville, Tennessee pandemic-born business. Founder Mathew Rice, a renowned pastry chef and Chopped champion started the company selling his gourmet cookies out of his house with a pink door. A self-proclaimed foodie, former NFL All-Pro and Super Bowl Champion Evan Mathis tasted the scalability of Mathew’s superior product. Mathis bought in to the company, became CEO, and is in charge of growing Pink Door into the world’s most adored cookie company.

Pink Door Cookies

321 Hart St
Ste 309Nashville, TN37210
Year Formed: 2020

Contact Information

Evan Mathis, CEO
(205) 966-5115

01. Industry

Food & Beverages

02. Certification(s)

None/Not Applicable

03. Service Area



Playing Career

Carolina Panthers (2005-2008)
Cincinnati Bengals (2008)
Miami Dolphins (2008)
Cincinnati Bengals (2009-2010)
Philadelphia Eagles (2011-2014)
Denver Broncos (2015)
Arizona Cardinals (2016)