Ed White

Business Description

l Art painting and sculpture. Ed has created beautiful and mindful art. Inspired by Mother Nature’s colorful landscapes and majestic skies, Ed captures her beauty in his artwork—from her beloved oceans to her sacred deserts, which often reveal the sun or moon. Studyingenvironmental design and art at the University of California at Berkeley where he had a front row seat to a time of great change in our society and culture (1965-1969). Ed considers himself to be an Environmental Abstract Contemporary painter drawing inspiration from his life as a traveler, sailor, philanthropist and legendary football player and coach.

Ed White Art

PO Box 1437
Julian, CA92036
Year Formed: 2000

Contact Information

Ed White, owner
(760) 419-0173

01. Industry

Art & Entertainment

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None/Not Applicable

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Playing Career

Minnesota Vikings (1969-1978)
San Diego Chargers (1978-1985)